"Blood Money" The Movie

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“A Powerful Pro-Life Resource”

Order,  To Save A Life for only $3.50.  This video is twenty minutes of information  that someone contemplating an abortion needs to know.  You can view the entire To Save A Life version of the film here.

If you want the stark truth about the abortion industry in America, you need to get a copy of Bloodmoney.

Narrated by Dr. Alveda King, Bloodmoney takes a critical look into the dark origins of abortion, and return with a deeply disturbing picture: how a movement based on racism and population control usurped the momentum of the women’s rights movement to create something truly despicable– a multi-billion dollar industry that literally thrives on the destruction of unborn babies and the traumatizing of young pregnant women.

It’s not about hearsay. It’s not about political bias. We went right to the historical documents and got it from their own lips. We went directly to the women involved in the cases that made abortion legal. We went directly to abortion clinic owners. We spoke directly with women who’d had multiple abortions, and we let them paint the picture of how the industry really works. Here’s a glimpse:



As you can see from the trailer, we discovered some very shocking, very unsettling facts. You’ll also see:

  • Evidence that the courts and abortion doctors know that a fetus is a living human being
  • The evidence of a racist agenda in Planned Parenthood, back when it was still called the Birth Control League
  • How the women in both court cases that made abortion legal were duped by their attorneys — and why neither ended up having abortions
  • Proof from former clinic owners that abortion is an incredibly lucrative business, and the manipulative tactics they use to isolate abortion prospects from their support network so they can pressure them into having an abortion
  • Confessions that clinics will sometimes perform abortions on non-pregnant women so they can still make money
  • First hand evidence of multiple doctors conspiring to cover up botched abortions to avoid law suits
  • Testimony from women that abortions have triggered post traumatic stress disorder, suicidal depression, an inability to feel emotion, and other psychologically devastating effects
  • Why abortion clinics have been immune to regulatory control, even regarding basic health codes
  • The story of the abortion video footage that caused a former clinic owner to retire and become avidly pro life (note: this footage is not shown)
  • Much more.

Help Women in Crisis Make a Better Choice

We can pontificate all day about how terrible abortion is. We can spend endless time and countless dollars into trying to get the laws changed. But when it comes to what you and I can do today, it’s all about helping young women in a crisis pregnancy make a better choice. And we are hearing readily that young women, when confronted with these truths, are doing exactly that.

So if you want to help end abortion, you don’t have to run for office. You don’t have to donate thousands of dollars if you don’t have it. You don’t even have to go to marches and picket clinics if that doesn’t suit you. All you have to do is keep your eyes open, and when you come across a young woman in crisis, be there to listen, to support, and then tell her the truth. If you need to, give her a copy of Bloodmoney. That’s exactly what it’s for.

Get your copy of Bloodmoney today, and help do your part to bring an end to this injustice.

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